This section is a work in progress and will soon have links to some posts that contain discussions of the relevant content for the section.

Section 1 – Business Requirements

Objective 1.1 – Gather and analyze business requirements
Objective 1.2 – Gather and analyze application requirements
Objective 1.3 – Determine the risks, constraints, and assumptions

Section 2 – Logical Design

Objective 2.1 – Map business requirements to the logical design
Objective 2.2 – Map service dependencies
Objective 2.3 – Define logical storage design
Objective 2.4 – Define logical network design
Objective 2.5 – Define logical security design
Objective 2.6 – Define management design
Objective 2.7 – Design backup and availability solutions in a multi-site environment

Section 3 – Technical Requirements

Objective 3.1 – Perform current state analysis of CPU, memory, storage, and network
Objective 3.2 – Determine storage solutions
Objective 3.3 – Determine networking solutions
Objective 3.4 – Determine security solutions
Objective 3.5 – Determine host class
Objective 3.6 – Determine DR, backup, and availability solutions

Section 4 – Physical Design

Objective 4.1 – Transition from a logical to a physical design
Objective 4.2 – Design the network
Objective 4.3 – Design storage
Objective 4.4 – Size hosts, clusters, and resource pools.
Objective 4.5 – Determine virtual machine attributes

Section 5 – Implementation Planning

Objective 5.1 – Identify test areas
Objective 5.2 – Create implementation plan
Objective 5.3 – Create installation guide

You can download the official blueprint from here

18 thoughts on “VCAP-DCD Index

  1. Hi..
    simply amazing work :)
    i’ve just be entitled to make the beta of DCD exam..but have to do it between the 8 and the 12 of november…i think that the time is too short..let’s see :)

  2. I’ve also been invited to sit the VCAP-DCD exam. I’m booked in for the 9th of Nov. I’m actually sitting the VCAP-DCA exam 4 days before, on the 5th. Should be an interesting week! :-)

  3. I agree. I sit the exam on the 12th, and am feeling a bit rushed on finishing up reading everything I can find for documentation. I think it’ll be a fun exam though!

  4. David. Good luck on your attempt. How about we meet back here on the 15th (the following Monday) and compare notes (subject to NDA’s, or course)?

  5. I’ve been invited for DCD exam. Can you please help me to find any suitable document for Section 1(Business Requirements)



  6. Shan. I actually wa sable to do the vSphere Design Workshop which went thru pretty much all the items on the blueprint.

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  10. Sean,

    Thank your for this index and the bundle of PDFs.
    I used them to study for the DCD exam and I passed it :-)



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  12. Hey Guys!

    I just attended vmworld Europe and signing up for the DCD exam, would anyone here be able to recommend a book I could buy that would be useful as part of the preparation?

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