VDCA 410

For a PDF version of my study notes you can download from

Additionally I have done a series of mock labs which can be found on my site here

The below is the web version of the guide. Please add any comments to continue helping others with their studying.

Section 1 – Implement and Manage Storage
Section 2 – Implement and Manage Networking
Section 3 – Deploy DRS Clusters and manage Performance
Section 4 – Manage Business Continuity and Protect Data
Section 5 – Perform Operational Maintenance
Section 6 – Perform Advanced Troubleshooting
Section 7 – Secure a vSphere Environment
Section 8 – Perform Scripting and Automation
Section 9 – Perform Advanced vSphere Installations and Configurations

Other Great Resources for studying for the VCAP-DCA exam

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  5. Thank you for your blog, it was very helpful for my VCAP-DCA 4 exam. Result is out, Alhumdulila I passed exam.


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