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11 May

Why Aren’t You Using Nested Virtualization ?

As someone who is leveraging nested virtualization for almost everything at this point, I often wonder what roadblocks people are running into, or if there is a reason they aren’t doing so. So tell me by posting a comment to this post, why isn’t your virtualization lab nested?

For me I have set everything up to the point where I cringe anytime I need to boot up a physical server and set it up, since it now takes me longer to do so. Of course there are specific networking requirements and considerations for managing the environments, but continued development such as VMware Tools for Nested ESXi continue to allow me to push my lab infrastructure to the fullest. For me, nested virtualization is the only way to go

Relevant to this topic I have submitted a panel session for VMworld, session id 1195, Ask The Experts : A Deep Dive Into Nested Virtualization. Whether it be questions regarding CPU compatibility, networking, infrastructure design, or automation, I have assembled a panel that is truly the set of experts on nested virtualization, and this should make this panel discussion an informative and enjoyable session.

If you want to learn more about why you should leverage nested virtualization, then make sure you vote before this Friday!

Session 1195, Ask The Experts: A Deep Dive Into Nested Virtualization