06 May

Five SMB Focused Sessions You Should Vote for At VMworld

It is official, voting is open for VMworld sessions at http://www.vmworld.com/voting.jspa . If you’ve been through the list already you will notice that there are a lot of submissions that can drown out some of the ones that may focus on your area of interest or expertise. I wanted to highlight some of the SMB focused sessions I would like to attend, or that I’m participating in of course.

Help shape VMworld for SMB by voting for sessions by 1192, 1307, 1651, 2763, 2093


Vote for session 1192 to attend an SMB focused design panel


Join several industry experts to talk about the considerations that come into play for small and midsize organizations. IT administrators at small and midsize businesses wear many hats, which requires a breadth and depth of knowledge of not just the technology, but the business as well. In this interactive design workshop, we’ll go through some of the most common challenges we see customers facing when moving towards the next generation of virtualization. Considerations will be made including management, backups, storage, & networking. 

In this interactive design workshop we’ll start by laying the foundation for virtualization. Whether your organization is new to virtualization or looking at your next steps, we’ll discuss how to gather requirements and design a robust solution. We’ll talk about properly sizing the solution based on the gathered requirements. We’ll further discuss how to protect your environment from failure and where you can most efficiently allocate your budget when doing so is a constraint. Specific consideration will be made to topics of discussion initiated by the panel and audience.

Vote for session 1307 to see what managing a virtualization infrastructure looks like from the other side


Do you want to see how much more efficient operating and managing a VMware based virtual infrastructure is when compared to the competition? It is commonplace for competitors to claim equivalence or superiority using feature based comparisons of their solutions versus ours.

Join us as we go under the hood and see first-hand these key differences from the administrative perspective.


Vote for Session 1651 to see the power of VDPa for SMB


Do you currently backup your VMware vSphere virtualized environment? Do you currently backup your Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SharePoint application data consistently? Do you ensure a copy of your data is securely stored offsite? If not, then this is the session for you!!

We will cover off the benefits of running VMware’s vSphere Data Protection Advanced within your SMB to backup your virtualized environment both efficiently and reliably and also how you can replicate that data offsite for disaster recovery purposes. We will show you how vSphere Data Protection Advanced is capable of backing up physical and virtual application servers such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint all from an already familiar user interface and with great simplicity. You will also be pleased to know that you can leverage the power of EMC’s Data Domain appliance to further enhance your company’s backup strategy.

So, if you want to understand more about VMware’s vSphere Data Protection Advanced appliance and how it can benefit you then come along to the session.


Attend session 2763 to see how SMBs can transition to a true private cloud


One of the challenges to any small to medium business (SMB) is the transition from the traditional virtualization model to a true private cloud infrastructure. The attendees will be given the tools that they need to move towards a more effective way to operate their virtual infrastructure.


DRaaS is going to be huge for many organizations that don’t have a dedicated DR site, attend session 2093 to find out more


Your organization can use DRaaS to replicate not only data backups, but also its virtual environments, and store them at a cloud-based, offsite location. When disaster strikes, replicated data can be restored and infrastructures run in the cloud as virtual machines. There are many benefits to this virtual-to-cloud protection approach, but the key is to keep it in balance with your overall solution mix. Leveraging a multi-environment platform of physical, virtual and cloud-configured technologies is the best way for an organization to play it safe and improve storage utilization across the enterprise.

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